sustainable procurement

Monitoring quantitatively sustainable procurement;

Universal language

Using one universal language for sustainability, uniformising data, and creating synergistic goals;


Tools and resources to help the private sector comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Sustainable Procurement Manifesto

What does sustainability mean for my enterprise? How do I comply with emerging laws and regulations in the supply chain responsibility and the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive (CRSD)? How to influence my supply chain and use my company as a force for good? How do I request the correct data from suppliers? 

Organisations often quickly need to answer and solve many, often complex, issues concerning sustainability. At the same time, mapping and measuring sustainability goals is an essential aspect of working towards a future-proof procurement organisation. 

Recommended tools and (free) templates of action plans are in line with

ISO 26000

ISO 20400


Greenhouse Gas Protocol


Green Deal

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