Sustainable Procurement Manifesto

Signing the Sustainable Procurement Manifesto means that your procurement organisation aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In addition, it is prepared – and ready – to comply with upcoming legislation.

The Manifesto is an initiative of the Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES),  Data-for-Good, and the Global Sustainability Institute. It was drafted with the Dutch National SDG Coordinator, SDG The Netherlands, senior European government executives and leading private sector companies.

GSES is a verified and accredited standard and platform for sustainability. It created a simplified, cost-effective system that aligned over 550 ecolabels and sustainable certificates and uses worldwide accepted standards to measure sustainability performance holistically.

It offers a unified platform that sets the norm as the gateway to assessments and support to improve your sustainability rating to invite stakeholders and suppliers to create the ultimate supply chain management tool. A simplified system that reduces the complex burden into an opportunity to help the system and transform the planet and society.

In its turn, Data-for-Good is a revolutionary digital system used by GSES. It offers opportunities for change agents to grow their outreach, achieve their ambitions and motivate future change agents to join by showcasing their contributions.

The system displays tools to share and grow their achievements towards our global goals. It can be used to measure the positive impact made by change agents in its easily accessible dashboard.

To keep the system and standards of GSES and Data-for-Good, it used the knowledge of the Global Sustainability Institute, which is used in Europe as a crucial point of contact for the certification bodies.

The Technical Committee (TC) is a subsidiary of the Institute, which continuously maintains and (further) develops the GSES standards and submits amendments. In addition, Committee includes lead auditors from authorised and accredited certification bodies.

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